- Aluminum Craftsmanship At Its Best
1.    But,... in fact, why Aluminum Patio Covers instead of traditional wooden patios?
              Our custom patio covers look  just like wood, but actually, is textured embossed Aluminum. Recently, a lot of homeowners have chosen Aluminum structures, instead of wooden patios. that's because of the advantages of Aluminum over simple old fashioned lumber.
 Embossed (wood textured) Aluminum advantages:
  1. Unlike wooden structures, Aluminum does not peel, rot, crack, or attract termites.
  2. Our patios are environment friendly, certified as Eco Friendly.
  3. Aluma-embossed/Duracool products are Energy Star approved.
  4. Our Custom Aluminum patios are virtually maintenance free!
  5. Manufacturer limited lifetime (40 years)
  6. Architectural designed. Our Alumi-wood covers reflect at any angle, our promise to you for the higher quality craftsmanship.
  7. Exquisite beauty at any finish detail.
  8. Our Aluminum  patio covers are very tough and durable. Its guaranty speaks by itself!
  9. Exclusive pain system with Dupont Teflon surface protector. With its unique cool pigments , our patios resist chalking, fading, and environmental weathering longer than any other patio cover in the industry.
  10. All of our Aluminum patio covers and parts are still PROUDLY manufactured in the USA!

2.    How many colors are available?
        We carry 8 different colors  -White
                                                        - Spanish Brown
                                                        - Mojave Tan
                                                        - Latte
                                                        - Champagne
                                                        - Cameo
                                                        - Almond
                                                        - Adobe

 3.  Can I mix or combine colors for my Patio cover?
      Yes, you can!....Although some of our competitors charge for color combination, we do not. You make your color choices, we do build your patio as desired, as simple as like that, of course without changing price because of this color mixing.

4. Wood Embossed Aluminum manufacturers carry the same colors and material gauges, (thickness)?

         Most of wood embossed Aluminum carry the same colors, naming them differently, but when it comes to thickness, is a whole another story!. Every single manufacturer carries their own gauge (thickness); and honestly most contractors won't tell you unless you ask for an explanation.
           We at TRI Bros Patios proudly, use the thickest gauge in the market which is .024 to .032 for flat panels (roofing), and .042 for header beams, fascia gutters and hunger ledger. DO NOT GET FOOLED! ask your contractor about materials, and its guaranties before ordering.......JUST REMEMBER THE LESS THICKNESS YOU GET.....THE MORE NOISY YOUR PATIO IS, WHEN IT COMES TO RAINFALL AND HIGH WINDS.

5. What guaranties are you entitled to, when getting your Aluminum patio cover from us?
          Your patio cover purchase is protected with a 40 years written warranty - the most comprehensive in the industry nowdays-.....your patio cover is manufactured by United Duralume Products, Inc. which is an industry leader for over 50 years in Southern California.
         Additionally, we offer you our own labor craftsmanship guaranty for 5 years, in regards to up to applicable code installation, leakage, etc.
         Give us an opportunity to bid your patio cover project, you won't be our mission statement says: our clientele's referrals are our fuel engine to continue providing exceptional service.