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Customizing your patio cover using columns

                  Our Aluminum and Fiberglass columns are specially designed to enhance your home or business with not only style but, also elegance. They will provide years of maintenance free service.
Aluminum Columns:     They are available in two colors: 
                                        White and Almond.                                    

Fiberglass Columns:       These columns are centrifugally cast from fiberglass-reinforced polymers; producing a beautiful tapered column. As a result, such columns are conforming to the Tuscan order of architecture. 
Custom Columns 
Round Fluted:
Aluminum round fluted columns, provide impressive Roman style with durable, maintenance free finishes.
* Load bearing
* Powder coat finish
* Available in four colors: white,     beige, wicker and clay.
*Common sizes, 8'' diam. 10'' diam. with heights 8' and 10'
* Wraps around existing posts.
Square Fluted:
Square fluted columns come in size 8'' diam. and 10'' diam. with heights 8' and 10'. these columns support more weigh than wood, and offer the ideal surface for railing attachments on them.
* Load bearing
* Available in four colors, just like round fluted columns.
* Cast Aluminum capital and bases.
* Class 1 Flame Spread classification
All square shafts wrap around existing posts without modification.


Empire Columns:
Empire columns have the same body and broad appeal with a boxed or craftsman style like the Wellington design. This column is great for any project, is pre-painted and texture.
* Load bearing
* Prefinished matte, textured white or factory primed for paint.
* Wraps around existing post (modification may be necessary)

Pro-cast Smooth Tapered
These type of columns have being recently become very popular because:
* Their consistent quality, and virtually maintenance free.
* Styles are available in sizes of 8' to 10'
* They will not chip, warp or rot! just the way wood does.
* Fiberglass columns are resistant to termites and other insects.
Bad weather and extreme temperatures can cause a lot of problems on exterior wooden columns. Specially, when moisture gets through wood, which is tending to expand. All these cause splitting, and cracking. Fiberglass columns are not expose to such above problems.
Pro-Cast Smooth Non-Tapered
Non-tapered columns lend a classic note to contemporary designs; a popular choice for pedestal installations.
* Load bearing
* Ideal for interior and exterior installation

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10x10 Square Smooth Column
10x10 Square Smooth Column
Fiber glass Columns
Columns turn completely patio personality.
Columns turn completely patio personality.
Elegance at its a very affordable way with our patio covers

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Column close details
Column close details
Custom base and crown lays a master planned elegant patio cover........No doubt about it......and after all!... columns durability is for a lifetime