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                Do It Yourself (DIY) Packages

                      Thinking of building your own Aluminum patio cover?..... You are not alone, many homeowners would like to erect their own cover as a project, and as a wise way to save money avoiding installation charges. although we cannot guaranty Patio Cover installation labor; we are still able to provide you manufacturer's material guaranty for 40 years. 

                   We provide complementary truck delivery in Southern California, and for a additional cost shipping via UPS ground to the Continental United States.

                    As your patio requires installation standards to meet applicable local, and state construction codes, applicable Engineering and  set up building instructions are also given. 

                    Still considering in building your own patio cover?....we are here to help you out delivering and converting you visionary idea into reality. In order to eliminate any misunderstanding or delaying your patio cover purchase, You should consider the following prior to order:

** Patio Cover size, accordingly to lot dimensions complying with property lines set    backs.

** Desired height, considering stucco attachment, fascia eave or any other code approved form of patio cover attachment.

** Colors selection, and end cut design at front gutter/fascia tales and rafter side fascia, or not design at all. Also combination of colors are available upon request without altering price in patio.

** Electrical fixtures such outdoor lamps and fans, outlets (plug ins) and outdoor TV brackets, or even TVs.   

                  Call us at (951- 3853360) for current pricing and delivery options. Also, as stated above,  let us know about desired design, color or combination of colors, height, attachment choice and any extra requirement. 

              Your patio.........your choice!

Solid Patio Cover:
100% shade!...... our solid covers are so appealing that it will be your neighbor's envy.

Standard solid flat panel patio cover, 12'x20' Spanish Brown trim with Almond ceiling. patio features 2 recessed lights evenly spaced.

White color with scallop end cut tails....This patio features 2 outdoor fans and 2 post lights. Another happy client.......another TRI Bros Patios impeccable patio cover delivery. Call us today and experience by yourself the TRI Bros difference.  

12'x30'  Corbel designed, Spanish Brown trim combined with Latte solid roofing makes this solid patio cover a attractive backyard jewel.. Darker hacienda colors add extra charm yo your space. Additionally, 6'' recessed LED lighting gives your gathering a vivid experience!

16'x25' Cameo color with plain soft fascia installed. side motion security  lights installed. patio cover features standard posts with single header beam, and dual gutter downspouts.

12'x20 Late color in its entirety. Scallop end cut tails. This patio size in the most standard size in the market. let us build yours today!.. 
give us a call at (951) 385-3360 for your complementary estimate.