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  We are totally committed to make of your space, not only useful and enjoyable, but.....beautiful!.

      We specialize in custom Aluminum patio covers. Contact us at (951) 385 33-60, or e-mail us at for further information about our Aluminum  products.
       Do not forget to check our monthly  SPECIALS!. If the measurement of the patio you are looking for, isn't here; just let us know, so we can provide you with current price! 


          We Have All Your Patio Choices:

Standard Solid Flat Panel:
                 This is the best option, if maximum shade is desired. Its paneling roof is specially designed to accommodate fans and recessed lights, customizing your patio cover. These solid roof patios also can protect your outdoor from harsh elements such as extreme temperatures, rain and excessive sunrays.

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Open Lattice:
                This type of patio is just perfect to allow some of the sunlight throughout it, enhancing your hardscape and giving an attractive open place to grow your plants. Thinking of shade, without blocking out too much daylight?......lattice is the design, you're looking for!


   Free Standing:                  

             Our custom free-standing patios are specially designed for your extended landscape space, so you have an extra enjoyable place to entertain your guests, while your backyard hardscape showcases an admirable, and attractive enhancement. 

Custom Insulated Roof:
              Our 3'' insulated roof paneling system, is the most innovative and elegant way to upgrade your patio. Panels are available in four colors, white, cameo latte and almond. It's cedar embossed finish is on both side of panel system, so your patio gets the same ceiling custom texture on both sides.


Custom Pillars:
                We can customize your patio cover, installing special pillars or columns enhancing them to your existing stucco or veneer already in area where patio will be built. These pilasters are made specially to rebound your space adding extra charm to your patio cover. Call us at (951) 385-3360 so, we can share your ideas and how we can materialize them for you.....our slogan says it all, LINKING YOUR IDEAS INTO REALITY.


Combination Solid/Lattice:              
                      We can master half lattice and half solid roof in your patio, so that you have a two patio pattern in just one.
A combo patio is perfect, when still solid roof is required to cover certain area below the cover.
                         At TRI Bros Patios, building to fit your space is our specialty!. Regardless of the climate conditions, your loved ones will enjoy outdoors; while at the same time, you are beautifying your hardscape and adding value to your home.