- Aluminum Craftsmanship At Its Best

      We have eight different custom colors to  choose from.

                    From typical white color, to darkest Spanish brown, we got them all. Although, color selection does not affect price in our patio covers, it does make a tremendous difference when making a color decision taking in to consideration trimming, overhung, and stucco colors in your home.

1. White                              5. Champagne
2. Spanish Brown               6. Cameo
3. Mojave Tan                    7. Almond
4. Latte                               8. Adobe

1. White Color: 
As impeccable, and shinny as white color truly reflects it.

12'x20' Solid Aluminum Patio CoverScallop end cut at a glanceWhite Color in a sunny day!White underneath ceiling looks just perfect..... and cool!Scallop End Cut Design
Patio cover has single header beam.Patio side viewOur patios......our pride!

2. Spanish Brown:
Our darkest color for your outdoor enjoyment. Your patio will have a wooden rustic and real lumber made look.  
3. Mojave Tan: 
The most California desert color, bring us both harmony and tradition. Mojave Tan as its color means,  resembles the true California desert sunshine. Although, this color is mostly used as a combination match, it is a great choice for your patio cover. Because Mojave Tan is so popular in California stucco homes, having it in your patio ceiling or trim would be a beautiful complement.    
4. Latte Color:
Latte color brings a Spanish hacienda accent to your custom Aluminum patio cover. Besides Spanish Brown, Latte color has the strongest color splendor, which offers both elegance and unique appeal to your backyard hardscape. Call us, text us or email us for your complementary quotation. 

5. Cameo Color:
The Cameo patio cover color is a original reflection of our California desert sand scent. its light crème beige lay out masters a true desert sand image, blending preferred major builders paint stuccos used in many new California communities.

All colors are protected with Dupont, Teflon  surface protector, which is the key to superior performance, for a lasting of a lifetime. 

To help significantly reduce heat, Ceramel XT 40's cool pigmentation reflects U.V.   rays skyward, in the process providing a much cooler setting.
                                    Our exclusive paint system exceeds the guidelines set forth by the Cool Roof Rating Council.........It is also an approved Energy Star Product.

Your Choice of Visual Impressions